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Good Morning!

I live in a regular commuter suburb, nothing special… but sometimes mornings and evening can be just as beautiful here as the prettiest place on earth.

I try and wake my kids up to see the morning sky and on occasion the planets, blood moon, eclipse – but no! The sleepy heads don’t budge. So I’ll share my pictures to the world instead 🙂

Just replace the brick semis with chocolate box cottages, stick some songbirds on the trees and telegraph poles and it’s a picture postcard saying ‘wish you were here’. Photoshop anyone??

This is surely a painting in the making. Maybe one day I’ll pick up a paintbrush instead of my rusty ol’ Samsung.

PS I am entering these pictures to the Overhead photo challenge – they are not quite overhead, more at an angle, but still are up in the sky, so hope you like them!


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